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The Good Samaritan


Familiarize yourself with the following passage:

Luke 10: 25-37

One day, Jesus was tested by an expert of the law. The expert asked how to gain eternal life. Jesus asked him what his interpretation of the Law was. The man said we are to love the Lord with everything we have and love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus agreed. The man then asked Jesus who our neighbor is and Jesus responded with this parable.
There was a man from Jerusalem who was traveling to Jericho. On the way, he was attacked by robbers who left him half dead in the middle of the road. A priest walked by the hurt traveler and passed by on the other side. A Levite also passed by on the other side when he saw the hurt man. Finally, a Samaritan can long and saw the hurt traveler. This man stopped and cared for the hurt traveler. He cleaned up his injuries and took him to an inn where he could sleep and recover. The Samaritan also paid for the lodging costs of the hurt traveler before going on his way.
Jesus asked the expert of the law who was a neighbor to the hurt traveler. The expert replied that the man who was helpful was a good neighbor. Jesus told the expert to go and do the same kinds of things for others.

Object Lesson:

Supplies Needed:
2 worthless prizes wrapped beautifully
1 nice prize wrapped shabby
Small prizes/candy for everyone in the room
1. Before class, prep the three prizes. For the two worthless prizes, wrap them to look beautifully appealing. For the nice prize, wrap it in a way that looks very unappealing.
2. When the children arrive to class, ask for three volunteers. One at a time, have the children choose a prize and open it. Make sure that the shabby prize is opened last.
3. After all the prizes have been opened, explain to the children that you cannot always know what someone is really like just by looking at them on the outside.
4. Give the child who received the nice prize a chance to help you pass out a little prize of candy for everyone in the room.

Memory Verse:

Luke 10:27
“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Jesus Connection

The story of the Good Samaritan gives us  a picture of the love Jesus has for us. We are like the traveler. We have been left to die in our sin, and there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. Jesus is like the Good Samaritan. When Jesus comes in our lives, he takes care of us and brings us to a place where we can heal.  Jesus shows us love and mercy so we can be saved. We can be healed from our sins by putting our trust in Him


The Good Samaritan Song 

Sung to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell”
On the Jericho road,
there were some real bad men
saw a guy as he went by
and they said, "let's rob him!"
And then they beat him up
and knocked him to the ground,
and when he was just half-way up
they knocked him right back down.

On the Jericho road
there was a priestly man,
saw the guy as he went by
was he a neighbor then?
He didn't pick him up
and carry him to town
he giant stepped and giant stepped
and giant stepped around

On the Jericho road
there was a Levite man
saw the guy as he went by
was he a neighbor then?
He didn't pick him up
and carry him to town
he tip-py toed and tip-py toed
and tip-py toed around.

On the Jericho road
a good Samaritan,
saw the guy as he went by
was he a neighbor then?
he stopped to pick him up
and carried him to town
and paid a kindly inn-keeper
to keep him safe and sound.


Drink of Water Relay

Supplies Needed:
Small cups of water
Plates or napkins
1. Before class, prepare small cups of water and a napkin with a 1 or 2 crackers. If possible, have the portions set aside on a designated table for the game.
2. Dived the class into teams.
3. Each child must take a turn running to the snack table, eating and drinking ALL of the portioned our water and crackers, and then running back to the team for the next player to go.
4. Continue until all the children have had a chance to eat and drink their portion. The winning team is the team who finished first.



Supplies Needed:
One washcloth per child
Tags templates with hole punched in top
1. Let each child color a tag template.
2. Fold the washcloths into quarters.  Roll the folded washcloth or bunch together one end of the folded washcloth.
3. Tie the tag to the washcloth using the ribbon.

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