Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Bleeding Woman and A Dead Girl


Familiarize yourself with the following passage:

Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:21-43; Luke 8:40-56

Jesus and his disciples had sailed across the sea. When their boat reached the other side, a great crowd gathered around Jesus. A ruler from the synagogue, named Jarius, found Jesus and asked him to come to his house and heal his daughter who was dying. Jesus agreed to come. On their way to Jarius’ house, a woman who had a problem with bleeding was in the crowd. She had tried every possible thing to cure her aliment, and had spent all her money doing so, but she only got worse. Upon hearing that Jesus was nearby, the woman went looking for him, thinking that if she could just touch he clothes she would be healed. The woman pressed through the crowd and touched the edge of Jesus’ clothes. As soon as she did this, she could feel in her body that she had been healed. Jesus also knew immediately that power had flowed out from him. He asked the crowd who had touched him. The disciples thought Jesus was crazy for asking this, since there were so many people crowded around and pressing against Jesus. Jesus insisted that he had been touched, and continued to look for the person. Finally the woman who had been healed bowed down before Jesus and confessed that she had touched Jesus. Jesus told her that her faith had made her well. As this conversation was happening, someone from Jarius’ house came to tell him his daughter was dead. Jesus told Jarius to not be afraid, just believe. Upon arriving at the house, Jesus told the mourners to leave because the girl was not dead, only sleeping. He took three disciples and the girl’s parents into the house, took the hand of the girl and told her to get up. Instantly the girl stood up and walked around and Jesus encouraged the parents to give her something to eat.

Object Lesson:

The Sense of Touch

Supplies needed:
Dark plastic bags
A piece of satin cloth or binding
A pencil
An apple
An ice cube
1. Put your objects into dark plastic bags.
2. Tell the children that we gather information through our senses. Today we will explore the sense of touch.
3. Have the children reach into a bag and describe what they feel without looking at it. (soft, hard, long, sharp, cold, wet…) They do not have to guess (unless you want them to), but simply describe.
4. Ask the children what they think it must have felt like for the woman who touched Jesus’ clothes.

Memory Verse:

Mark 5:34

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

Jesus Connection:

Jesus has the power, not only to heal, but to save us from death. Jesus spoke to the little girl and she was raised to life. If you have not been saved by Jesus, then you are like the little girl who was dead. (Ephesians 2:1) Without Jesus we cannot live a life that is pleasing to God. We are full of sin. Sin leads to death and that death separates us from God. God loves us so much that he does not want us to die. He sent us Jesus to die in our place. Jesus was buried and 3 days later was raised from the dead. Jesus died so that we do not have to. We must take Jesus’ advise when he says, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (Mark 5:36)


Only Believe
Only believe,
Only believe,
All things are possible,
Only believe.

Only believe,
Only believe,
All things are possible,
Only believe.


Just Believe Balloon Popping

Supplies Needed:
22 balloons
2 pieces of paper
2 large bags
1. Before class, write the words “Just Believe” on two pieces of paper. Be sure to write the words so that none of the letters are touching. Cut out the letters like a puzzle, being sure to keep the two sets of pieces separated. Put one letter into each balloon and fill the balloon with air. Place each set of balloons into its own large bag, to keep them separated.
2. Divide the class into two teams. Give each team one bag of balloons.
3. When you say go, have the children race to pop all their balloons, retrieving the papers that are in each balloon. Tell them to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal the secret message, “Just Believe”.


Only Believe Picture

Supplies Needed:
Only believe craft template
Paper brads
1. Color the craft template.
2. Cut the excess paper off following the lines provided. Set aside the bed.
3. Cut out the little girl. Cut her in half along the line provided.
4. Fasten the little girl to the bed by using a paper brad.
5. The children can retell this part of the story using their picture. The girl can be laying down on the bed, sitting up, or standing beside the bed as they tell the story.

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