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Isaac and Rebekah


Familiarize yourself with this passage:

Genesis 24
As Abraham was nearing the end of his life, he sent his best servant back to the land that he came from to find a wife for Isaac, his promised son. The servant promised Abraham that he would go back to Abraham’s land and find Isaac a wife from Abraham’s own family. As the servant approached Abraham’s former homeland, he prayed for God’s help to find the right woman to become Isaac’s wife. While the servant was still praying, a young woman name Rebekah came out to get water from the well. The servant asked for a drink and Rebekah not only gave him a drink, but gave water to all the camels that were with him as well. The servant knew that this was the right woman for Isaac and that God had answered his prayer. After Rebekah’s family gave their blessing, Rebekah left with the servant. As they approached Abraham’s home, Isaac was sitting in the field. Isaac and Rebekah saw each other. They were married and love each other very much. God’s promise to Abraham would now continue on through Isaac.

Object lesson:

Supplies Needed:
·         4 shawls or scarves
1.       Before you begin your story, select 4 kids to be your helpers.
2.       As you introduce each of the main characters in the story, dress them with a scarf.
a.       For Abraham, wrap the scarf around the shoulders, with the ends hanging in the front.
b.      For the servant, drape the scarf across on shoulder, with one end in the front and one end in the back
c.       For Rebekah, place the scarf over her head, with then ends hanging in the front. When you get to the part of the story when she sees Isaac for the first time, move the scarf on her head so that it also covers her face.
d.      For Isaac, place the scarf on the head with the ends hanging in the back.
3.       Feel free to move your children around as you tell the story. This is a visual demonstration of the story for them. Be as creative and fun as you like.

Memory Verse:

Isaiah 62:5b
And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.

Jesus Connection:

Rebekah was God’s chosen bride for Isaac and Isaac loved Rebekah. In the same way, we are God’s chosen bride for Jesus and Jesus loves us so much! Revelation 19:7 says, “Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.” At the end of time, when we are taken up to heaven to spend an eternity with Jesus, we will be presented to him as a beautiful bride, dressed in white and adorned with jewels, ready for her wedding day! (Revelation 21:2)


“Father Abraham”

Father Abraham had many sons
Many sons had Father Abraham
I am one of them and so are you
So let’s all praise the Lord
Right arm!
….Left arm!
….Right foot!
….Left foot!
….Chin up!
….Turn around!
….Sit down!


Bride and Groom Dress-up

Supplies needed:
·         Several rolls of cheap toilet paper
1.       Divide the group into two teams. Make one of the girls on one team the bride, and make one of the boys on the second team the groom.
2.       Explain to the children that after Isaac and Rebekah met each other, they got married. A wedding is a very big, special occasion. The bride and the groom dress in beautiful clothes for all to see. Tell the kids that there job will be to make beautiful clothes for their bride and groom out of toilet paper. Encourage the kids to be creative. Have them try to make a veil for the bride, shoes for the groom and even flowers.
3.       This game does not have to be competitive. You can give them a time limit, though, to encourage them to work quickly.


Camel Prints

Supplies Needed:
·         Brown finger paint
·         A big paint brush
·         White paper
·         Crayons or markers
1.       Paint each child’s hand with brown finger paint. Make sure that you paint the entire hand, including a small portion of the wrist area. Have them put their hand print on a piece of white paper. Turn their paper around so that the fingers are facing them. Add an extra finger print coming up and out from the thumb print. This will be the neck and head.
2.       As the paint dries, have the kids draw a picture around the camel that represents a scene from the story. (ie: servant on the road, servant at the well, Rebekah by the camel when she sees Isaac…)
3.       After the paint has dried, the kids can add a face, tail and goofs to their camels using crayons or markers.

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