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Jacob and Esau


Familiarize yourself with the following passage:

Genesis 25:7-9; 19-34; 27:1-28:5
When Isaac and Rebekah got married, Rebekah was not able to have children. So, Isaac prayed to God and God allowed Rebekah to become pregnant, with twins! Even before the twin boys were born they were fighting with each other in the womb. After they were born and had grown up, the continued to fight with each other. Once, after a long day of hunting, Esau, who happened to be a very hairy man, came into the tent were Jacob was and asked for a bowl of soup because he was extremely hungry. Jacob told him he would give him food, if Esau first promised to give up his rights as a first born. Esau did not care, because he was so hungry, and agreed to the deal.
Some time later, Isaac was getting old and felt he could die at any time, so he called Esau in to see him. Esau, Isaac’s favorite, was going to prepare a meal for his father and receive a blessing. So Esau left to hunt and prepare Isaacs favorite meal. Rebekah overheard this conversation and prepared her favorite son, Jacob, to go in a receive the blessing instead. She made Isaac’s favorite food and clothed Jacob in some of Esau’s clothes and put hairy sleeves on his arm, since Jacob was not hairy like his brother. Jacob them took the food in to his father and asked for his blessing. Isaac, who was old and could not see very well, was confused by the voice of Jacob, but when he felt his ‘hairy’ arms and smelled his clothes he believed it was Esau, and blessed him. When Esau returned, ready to receive his blessing, there was no more blessing to give. Esau became enraged with his brother and vowed to kill him. Rebekah sought to protect Jacob and sent him away to her brother until Esau’s anger would subside.

Object Lesson:

Supplies Needed:
A picture of an average family (mom, dad, and at least two kids)
Before you begin the story, hold up the picture. Explain, this is a picture of an average looking family. There is a mom, a dad, and two children. Ask the kids to take a close look at the kids in the picture. Ask, “Do you think they always get along with one another? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you always get along and play well together? Do you ever fuss and fight? Sometimes brother and sisters can become best friends. Sometimes all they do is fight with each other. Today’s story is about two brothers who spent a lot of time fighting. “

Memory Verse:

Genesis 25:23
The Lord said to her, “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.”

Jesus Connection:

In this story, Esau rejected his rights as a first born son. This was a conscious choice that he made. He knew what he was doing. Like Esau, we also have a choice, to accept or reject Jesus. If we accept Jesus, we will live a life of blessing both now and forever more. (John 10:10)  If we reject Jesus, there are tremendous consequences, separation from Him forever. (2 Thessalonians 1:9) It is God’s desire that none should perish, but that all should spend eternal life with him. (Matthew 18:14) It is our choice, just like it was for Esau.


Esau and Jacob (to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep)

Esau was a hairy man,
Jacob he was smooth;
Smooth in action, smooth in speech,
And oh so sly….from babyhood!

Esau was a hunting man,
Jacob chopped up wood.
Built a fire and made some stew,
And Esau saw….that it was good.

Esau was a hungry man,
So from where he stood,
He gave up his birthright,
Gave it up…for Jacob’s food.

Esau he was gullible,
Jacob he was cool,
Stole his brother’s blessing,
Go read it in…God’s holy book.

Esau was an angry man,
That’s when Jacob flew.
Ran away from Esau’s wrath,
What else was there…for him to do?


Lentil Soup

Supplies Needed:
One dice template per child
Lots of dry pasta noodles!
Disposable cups (optional)
Give each child a dice template to cut out and tape together.
Have the children count out 40 noodles. (You can have this done before hand and put the noodles in individual cups). You can do less noodles per child if you wish. Set aside the same number of noodles to be the draw pile in the middle of the group.
At the same time, all the kids roll their dice. After their dice has been rolled, the children perform the action that is pictured on the card. (Always have the children roll their dice at the same time for each round.)
a. No action.
b. Give one noodle to any other player’s bowl.
c. Give one noodle back to the draw pile
d. Take one noodle from the draw pile and add it to your bowl.
When one child runs out of noodles the game ends. All the children count their noodles. The child with the most noodles wins!*
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Jacob’s ‘Hairy’ Arms

Supplies Needed:
Toilet paper tubes (two per child)
Cotton balls
1. Give each child two toilet paper tubes and a pair of scissors.
2. Have the kids cut a line in the tube from one end to another. This will allow the child to slip the tube onto their arms, like a bracelet or a sleeve.
3. One at a time, cover the tubes with glue. Take the cotton balls, pull them apart to make them fluffy, and stick them to the glue covered tubes.
4. Repeat with the second tube and allow time for glue to dry.
5. Put on arms and pretend to be Jacob!

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